Fauci Set To Receive Largest Federal Retirement Package Ever

White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci, 81, will receive over $350,000 per year in retirement, marking the largest pension in federal government history, according to Forbes.

The massive retirement would continue to grow based on cost-of-living adjustments as well, according to a study published Tuesday by Forbes. Fauci’s retirement is based on his 55 years of work as a federal employee.

Fauci earned $434,312 in 2020, up from 2019 when he was paid a salary of $417,608, Forbes reported. His salary surpassed former President Donald Trump for Fauci to become the highest-paid federal employees.

Federal employees who have worked as long as Fauci are able to earn 80% of the average of their highest-paid three years in service and sick leave credit, reported Forbes.

If Fauci were to retire at the end of fiscal year 2020, he would earn a pension of $333,745, according to Forbes. Data has not been released for fiscal year 2021 or 2022, but Fauci’s salary is expected to increase, meaning his pension will too.

Fauci is also entitled to an annuity that accounts for two percent of the average of his highest-paid three years as a federal employee, according to the outlet. This would add an additional $8,575 per year to Fauci’s current potential pension of $333,745.

The numbers could be slightly different because Fauci was appointed as a Ready Reserve Corps, Forbes reported. The Ready Reserve Corps use the top 36 months to calculate pensions instead of the top three years.

However, Fauci has indicated he has no plans to retire. (RELATED: ‘Try To Cover Your Ass:’ Rand Paul Demands Fauci Resign For Refusing To Admit To Funding Gain Of Function Research In Wuhan)

“There’s no way I’m going to walk away from this until we get this under control. I mean, that’s the purpose of what we do. That’s – that’s our mission in life,” Fauci told Jonathan Karl, reported ABC. “In the middle of it, I’m not going to walk away.”

Fauci’s approval rating is third-highest among federal officials at 52%, with 47% disapproving of him.

Taylor Giles