Exclusive: Laura Loomer Disavows MTG After Rep. Backs Anti-MAGA Saboteur McCarthy for Speaker

Last Updated on November 23, 2022

America First conservative Laura Loomer has disavowed Marjorie Taylor Greene and rescinded her endorsement of the Georgia Congresswoman after MTG publicly endorsed establishment leader Kevin McCarty to be the next Speaker of the House. In speaking to National File, Laura Loomer detailed the treachery of Greene, who she says is no longer an ally of the America First movement, having sold out to Kevin McCarthy and his corrupt FTX campaign money.

An ally of President Trump and heavyweights like Roger Stone, Laura Loomer publicly revoked her endorsement of Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG), after the supposed America First conservative announced her support of establishment leader Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House.

“As one of the first people to support Marjorie Taylor Greene’s campaign in 2020 when she ran for Congress, I remained optimistic and hopeful that she would be a champion for America First policies and candidates,” Loomer told National File. “However, it is now clear that with her recent decision to support Kevin McCarthy, Marjorie Taylor Greene has given up on fighting the swamp, and has instead chosen to join them.”

“I cannot in good faith continue to support her or encourage others to support her when she claims to fight for America First and then supports Kevin McCarthy, who is on the record working against America First candidates,” Loomer went on, citing National File’s cutting-edge reporting on McCarthy’s use of corrupt FTX money to crush conservatives. 

“MTG’s failure to remain true to her claims of fighting corruption and the establishment in DC has been made clear by the way she is willing to continue to back McCarthy, even after it was reported that he used FTX money against America First candidates like me, and other candidates she once claimed to support.”

“For this reason,” Loomer told National File, “I have officially withdrawn my previous support from MTG and encourage other America First candidates and grassroots activists to do the same.”

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Greene’s alliance with McCarthy comes as the establishment leader vows to restore her congressional committee assignments should he win the gavel with her support. Greene was booted from the committees under Pelosi’s rule.

How far back that alliance goes though, is another question, and Loomer, like other conservatives, is now wondering if MTG was a McCarthy agent the entire time.

“It’s almost like McCarthy has something on MTG to blackmail her with,” says Loomer.

“You know, like a divorce or some serious marriage issues. Something McCarthy and MTG have found common ground on, I see.”

During Loomer’s 2022 Congressional race in Florida’s 11th District, where she was challenging establishment incumbent Dan Webster for the GOP nomination, MTG failed to follow through with endorsing Loomer – an endorsement she publicly claimed she was going to make.

In video footage obtained by National File, MTG clearly expresses her support for Loomer’s congressional campaign, hailing her work as a free speech and America First activist before claiming that she’ll be supporting her campaign for Congress.

What’s more, is that MTG vows in the video to lead the charge to impeach Joe Biden, something she’s now given up on with her support of Kevin McCarthy, who’s promised not to impeach Biden should he become Speaker of the House.

Watch the video below:

In taking on Dan Webster, Loomer was going head to head against Kevin McCarthy, who used his Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) political machine to hammer the district with anti-Loomer campaign ads and establishment infrastructure, bought and paid for with Ukrainian-linked FTX crypto money.

Like other close races featuring endangered McCarthy allies, the 11th District’s primary vote was marred by serious irregularities.

“I was leading all night,” Loomer told National File, explaining the bizarre scenario that led to Webster’s primary “win.”

“Then, around 8 PM, counting stopped in Orange County. When it came back on 38 minutes later, a batch of nearly 5,000 mail-in ballots was dropped for Webster and he was declared the winner,” Loomer explained.

Villagers for Trump have called on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to investigate the vote tally shutdown, which resulted in Webster’s sudden “victory,” though Loomer has never conceded to him.

Though she touts herself as an election integrity champion, MTG was missing in action when suspicion of fraud struck her own party by way of Loomer’s race.

“We have to stop pretending like people who prove themselves to be disloyal and principally compromised are somehow our allies when they are just out for themselves. MTG is no longer an ally to America First,” says Loomer.



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