Episode 978 – We’ve Got Them on the Run … Fauci Knew in Nov 2019 and Audit Train is Coming to PA

From Crisis to Emergency to Invasion

Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam reports live from the border, where ranchers are struggling with the out of control crisis. 

“I’ve been shot at by these individuals,” says Mike Miller, rancher who founded Warriors for Ranchers to support ranchers against the onslaught of illegal immigration. 

“God gave me a voice, and I decided to be a voice for Texas,” he said.

“This has gone from a crisis to an emergency now to an invasion,” Bannon said.

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Fauci Knew

Michael Walsh gives some historical context to how America used to deal with its borders: we drove Pancho Villa back into Mexico.

“The U.S. doesn’t put up with this stuff 100 years ago,” Walsh said. “The left wants us to have no legitimate claim to this territory, they will dispossess every American and

Dr. Peter Navaro says Fauci knew the virus came from the Wuhan lab as early as November 2019. 

“Fauci’s got to go,” he said. “Not only does he have to go, he has to be held accountable.” 

EXCLUSIVE: Fauci Headlined Panel With Wuhan Lab ‘Gain Of Function’ Adviser

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The Poisonous Doctrine 

Darren Beattie reveals how Revolver expose of Bishop Garrison has led to lawmakers demanding action from the Defense Secretary to get poisonous critical race theory out of the military.

“This is a significant development,” he said. “And now it’s reached the next level.”

Exclusive: Republican Lawmakers Demand Immediate Action From Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin After Bombshell Bishop Garrison Report

Audit Train Coming to PA

Michael Walsh and Boris Epshteyn discuss the parallels to the Soviet Union. Darren Beattie says maximum pressure must be applied to root out critical race theory 

“The man is Bishop Garrison and he has to go,” Beattie said.

Plus, Boris Epshteyn says the election audit train is coming to Pennsylvania.

We’ve Got Them on the Run

Peter Navarro reminds the audience that Daley stole the election for JFK from Nixon in 1960.

“The Democrats have been stealing elections since Thomas Jefferson,” points out Michael Walsh. “This is not a legitimate party, this is an evil group.”

“When we’ve got the receipts, all the evidence, then we go to the next step,” Bannon said. “We’ve got them on the run.”