Episode 977 – The Uncontrolled Opposition … Marjorie Taylor Greene on Why the Establishment Fears Her and Mike Lindell Exposes Kemp and Ducey

Angel Mom Reports Live from Border

Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza reports live from the border, and C.L. Bryant challenges Kamala Harris to see the carnage their open borders policies are having.

“It’s an invasion,” said Mendoza. “I’m furious, I’m mad, I’m worked up,” trying to prevent any more Americans from suffering what she did with losing her son to an illegal alien criminal. 

Visit: AngelFamilies.org

Cowards Ducey and Kemp Are Afraid of Mike Lindell

Mike Lindell reveals what happened at the Republican Governors Association (RGA) dinner, and says “cowards” Doug Ducey and Brian Kemp had him kicked out.

“I was invited there specifically for the dinner, with the Governors at the governor’s mansion in Tennessee,” he said. 

“I came downstairs at 5:30 to get my credentials,” Lindell explained. He was given his VIP pass to the governor’s roundtable and dinner, by a worker.

“About two minutes later he says, ‘I’ve got some bad news. well you’re uninvited.’”

Mike Lindell to Confront Brian Kemp and Doug Ducey Over Election Fraud

The RGA Lied

Mike Lindell says the RGA, which is chaired by Doug Ducey, lied to Poltico when they claimed Lindell wasn’t invited to the dinner. And he’s got the badge to prove it.

“The RGA, Brian Kemp and Doug Ducey, who’s the chairman, should be ashamed of themselves for what they’ve done,” Lindell said.

“If they’re that afraid to talk to me, you think they can talk to a Democrat?” he said. “How can they have any kind of courage? They’re cowards, both of them are cowards. Either that or they’re hiding something that’s so beyond anything we can imagine.”

Lindell said Kemp and Ducey “need to come clean” about the election, and he is working on an investigation to figure out why they blocked election audits.

“When you have a deviation of Republican governors obstructing audits, that’s a deviation,” he said. “That’s not normal so we need to find out  why.” 

“I guarantee I’ll have that report by next week,” Lindell said. 

Why the Establishment Fears MTG

Marjorie Taylor Greene returns to the War Room and reveals why the establishment fears her.

“They fear me because they know that I’m with the people,” she said. “I’m not a politician.”

Greene says her America First rallies with Matt Gaetz are such a success because the grassroots are energized and “refuse to allow America to fall into a socialist country.”

“These are the people that fell in love with the America First polices of President Trump,” she said.

“We’re taking it by storm…we’re bringing hope back that we can truly save American and stop socialism,” Greene said. 

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The Uncontrolled Opposition

Marjorie Taylor Greene exposes GOP leader Kevin McCarthy for not holding a single meeting with her. Greene says Republicans must strategize how to oppose AOC and what she calls the “jihad squad,” like her bill to defund terrorists that would put Democrats on record for their support for Hamas.

“We have to change the method that we’re using,” she said. “The Republicans need to stop being the party of talking on Fox News, and needs to be the party of action.

“That gets rid of this massive near $ trillion of debt…that actually builds the wall and finishes the wall…the party of law enforcement,” Greene said.

“Marjorie Taylor Greene is a problem for the Republican establishment because they made their bed in this city,” Bannon said. “[McCarthy is] gutless. He’s also a moron and an airhead but I’ll leave that aside.

“He’s gutless and he’s the one trying to get rid of Marjorie Taylor Greene,” he said. “Let me tell you something, it’s not going to happen.”