Episode 976 – Willie Sutton’s Anti-Bank Robbery Commission … GOP Puts Foxes Kemp and Ducey in Charge of Election Integrity Hen House

The GOP’s Willie Sutton’s Anti-Bank Robbery Commission

America’s mayor Rudy Giuliani returns and reveals how Doug Ducey and Brian Kemp deliberately sabotaged patriots working to expose fraud from Nov. 3.

After Mike Lindell was kicked out of the GOP governor’s association dinner where he was going to confront Ducey and Kemp, Giuliani says both govrnors refused to look at the evidence of voter fraud.

Giuliani said in Arizona alone, out of state voters, illegal alien votings, dead voters, and underage voters amounted to fraudulent votes where Donald Trump would have won by between 30,000 and 100,000.

“It’s not a question of cheating,” he said. “It’s how much cheating.”

Ducey would not even return Giuliani’s phone calls, and on the same day of over 10 hours of evidence of fraud presented at a hearing, certified the election.

“He was an enemy, he wasn’t just neutral,” he said. “Kemp might be worse.”

The GOP governor’s association putting Kemp in charge of voter integrity is akin to “designating Willie Sutton on do not commit bank robbery,” Giuliani said.

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Giuliani: We’re Headed to a Dictatorship

Mayor Giuliani blasts New York trying “pin a crime” on President Donald Trump.

“The AG of the state ran on the unusual platform of, ‘I’m gonna get Trump,’” Giuliani said. “And the DA works very closely with her. This is a vendetta. It should be illegal, if it isn’t illegal for a prosecutor to conduct a witch hunt investigation to try to find a crime on you.”

“‘I’m going to look at his whole life and see if I can pin a crime on him,’ that’s what they’re doing to Donald Trump,” he said.

“We investigate crimes that lead to people, we don’t just investigate people,” Giuliani added. “That happens in a dictatorship, and don’t tell me we’re not headed in that direction. We’re headed in the direction of a socialist dictatorship.”

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Battle for Western Civilization

Nigel Farage reports live from the border in Arizona and says the “mind-blowing” crisis is going to be the issue for the midterms.

“The numbers coming to the U.S. already are absolutely mind-blowing,” he said, “Every state is going to become a border state.”

“Globalists don’t believe in countries don’t believe in flags,” Farage said. “The people who pay the price for this are ordinary families in working communities.”

Farage also gives his take on the Maricopa audit, and how to fix elections before the midterms.

“This battle is not just about the Democrats,” he said. “It’s about Western civilization.”

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Flat Out Invasion

Sheriff Mark Lamb, of Pinal County, Arizona, reports on the terrible situation 60 miles from the border, where the desert is littered with backpacks, water bottles, camouflage clothes, and carpet shoes.

“This is a flat out invasion, almost,” he said. “They’re coming in here military age men from who knows what countries, they’re throwing their trash in our deserts, they’re going into our communities with who knows what.

“This is not about immigration anymore this is about human trafficking and drug trafficking in this country,” Sheriff Lamb said. “I don’t care what your politics are. This is a human rights issue.”

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