Draconian Mandates Destroying People’s Lives By Design – Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic


Author Naomi Wolf takes on Scientism High Priest Anthony Fauci in her interview with Steve Bannon and proposes a theory that Fauci and others are intentionally using covid to destroy the country.

“The communists when they took power in Russia drove the capitalist economy intentionally into the ground. … This is not a conspiracy. This is being informed by history. We can’t understand what is happening right now unless we understand that the country is being subverted, being targeted. … What would I do if I was trying to emasculate the United States as a superpower. You would print money till there’s a collapse… It’s common knowledge in psychological coercion of prisoners that if you disorient them and change rules all the time and isolate them and bombard them with threats, they’ll give up…. We are being targeted by a kind of psychological warfare.

Part 2: Fauci Should Face Nuremberg Trial 2.0

Frank Miele