‘Declare The War Over’: Gutfeld Calls On Viewers To ‘Civilly Disobey’ To End COVID Restrictions

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld called on viewers to “civilly disobey” in order to end COVID-19 restrictions during “The Five” broadcast Tuesday.

“The Five” panel discussed a recent move by Republican Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, which gives parents the power to decide whether their kids wear a mask at public schools. Local school boards, however, have pushed back on Youngkin’s executive order. Gutfeld argued that ongoing restrictions are “insidious.”

“Something insidious is happening right now,” Gutfeld shared. “People are becoming okay with this creeping incrementalism, this authoritarianism. It doesn’t land on your planet in a giant crate marked authoritarianism. It’s like the slow boiling water that a frog is placed in, and you don’t know it until entertainers and journalists and the radical we have known for years, Geraldo [Rivera], starts sounding like the man, starts embracing the side of enforcement, starts saying ‘we can’t have any risk in our lives!’” (RELATED: ‘Are You No Longer Going To Shut It Down?’: Doocy Presses Biden On COVID Policy)


“‘It all has to be zero or you’re evil!’” he added. “That’s B.S., right? Right now, you got to be aware of wars that don’t have endings, we saw that with Afghanistan, we saw that with the drug war. If you don’t want a war without an end, it’s up to the sentiment of the population to declare the war over. That means you stop wearing your mask.” (RELATED: Over 30,000 People Marched To ‘Defeat The Mandates’ In Washington DC)

“If you go to stores and you go to restaurants or any establishments and they ask you to wear a mask you say you know what, ‘I’m following the science’ and you leave,” Gutfeld continued. “It’s time for everybody, I’m not talking about me, I’m not talking about Don Lemon … I’m talking about as Americans, the viewers, the general public, they have to civilly disobey and end this thing once and for all, because the problem is the government is lying to you.”

The Fox News host claimed the government is acting like the risk to a child who is 10 years old is exactly the same as an “obese 65-year-old smoker,” calling it “B.S.”

Rivera tried to say “it’s also about manners, good manners,” arguing that people need to “take a deep breath” and realize it will be over in “one more month, two more months.”

“It is time to get back to normal, even if normal is living with COVID,” Gutfeld argued. “We have to understand what we have lost, because you have accepted the incrementalism of authoritarianism, you got used to the boiling water Geraldo … that’s not even Geraldo of the ’90s.”

Katie Jerkovich