Consent to these horrific “treatments” or you might die!

One of the reasons why transgenderism has become something of an accepted fad in modern American culture is because LGBTQ pseudoscientists have aggressively pushed the idea that hormone “therapy” and surgeries are necessary in order to prevent gender dysphoric people from killing themselves. Well, that claim has now been officially debunked by real science.

The Center for Bioethics and Culture has released a new documentary film Trans Mission: What’s the Rush to Reassign Gender? that dives deep into the transgender movement, picking apart many of the gimmicks that are used to not only mainstream the LGBTQ agenda but also convince young people that they need to get a sex change or take hormone pills in order to feel comfortable within their own skin.

These and other extreme recruitment tactics center around a marketing scheme that promises normalcy and acceptance to anyone who goes under the knife or takes a pharmaceutical pill. You will never feel normal, they often say to children, unless you cut off your body parts – and many children seem to be falling for it.

It is false advertising at its finest, and the LGBTQ industry has yet to be held accountable for committing these serious crimes against humanity, which end up leaving many children worse off in the end. Rather than provide real therapy for the mental issues that often lead to feelings of transgenderism, the industry focuses on fast-tracking children straight into the gender clinic for “reassignment.”

In the end, the suicide rate only goes up as children who fall for the lies end up regretting their decision, only to learn that it is all but impossible to “reassign” back, especially if they already removed body parts.

“Transgender activists continue to pressure parents and politicians with the threat of suicide should young people who claim to be transgender not receive total affirmation of their new identity,” reports Breitbart News.

“Significant research and study, however, has found that transgender medical interventions, such as puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, and sex transition surgeries do not prevent suicide or improve mental health in gender dysphoric young people,” reports Breitbart News.

“Affirming” transgenderism is hate, not love

In the documentary film, one woman explains how LGBTQ-affirmative doctors pressured her into letting her daughter get a sex change by warning her that the girl might commit suicide if she refused. Not wanting her daughter to die, the mother agreed.

This type of thing happens more often than many people realize, with trans industry doctors basically scaring parents into letting their children permanently destroy their bodies so they can “be themselves.”

“There’s a very good reason to be concerned about the outcome specifically, that some of the largest studies that have been done with the longest follow-up have shown that suicide rates remain markedly elevated after you undergo these affirmation interventions,” warns Dr. Paul Hruz, a pediatric endocrinologist.

The cancer industry does much the same thing, scaring people into taking dangerous and highly expensive chemotherapy or radiation “treatments” under the threat of death if they refuse.

You must burn your body with radiation or destroy your immune system with poison, they say, or else you might die from cancer. This is often followed by the cancer patient dying from cancer treatment, which is then blamed on the cancer anyway.

The LGBTQ industry is doing the same thing to children and their parents, playing on the heart strings of loved ones who would never otherwise harm their babies, but who are being lied to about the severity of gender “reassignment.”

Back in 2019, a study out of Sweden tried to assert that people who claim to be transgender are much better off mentally after they get “reassigned.” That study was recently given a “correction” by the American Journal of Psychiatry, which determined that the study’s conclusion is false.

Quite the contrary, people who are tricked into believing that they are some other gender than the sex that God assigned them at birth are more often than not regretful that they ever fell for the sham. And those who are still in denial about it will likely have a change of heart eventually.

It is all fun and games when the media is praising you and your friends are putting up hideous multi-colored flags in your honor. But once you are stuck with a mish-mash of male and female body parts growing old, it is not so much fun anymore to be trans.

After reviewing the Swedish study, adolescent psychiatrist Sven Román, along with his colleagues, determined that neither “gender-affirming hormone treatment” nor “gender-affirming surgery” decrease the need for mental health services among those who claim to be transgender.

Those who claim it does are “distort[ing] gender dysphoria,” these researchers now admit.

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