Chinese researchers in Wuhan conduct experiments on MUTANT ANIMALS, infect them with engineered viruses

Chinese researchers in Wuhan – ground zero of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic – are conducting experiments using bioengineered animals.

Reports being leaked out of China indicated that the Chinese researchers are experimenting on at least 1,000 genetically engineered animals. These include lab mice engineered to have humanized lungs and monkeys that have mutated genes that make them age faster than normal. These animals sometimes get injected with engineered viruses, including ones that are very similar to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

In an article titled “The Possible Origins of 2019-nCoV Coronavirus,” two Chinese academics claimed that the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s lab in Wuhan had animals riddled with diseases, including 605 bats. The article mentioned how one of the researchers there was once attacked by bats and that a bat’s blood made contact with the person’s skin.

These kinds of laboratories are meant to be extremely safe and secure. But even if that is the case and even if the people that work there are highly skilled professionals, dealing with live animals can still be a challenge.

Not only do these animals have their own thoughts, but they can also attack, excrete waste and shed skin and fur which might have parasites. This prolonged contact with animals carries the risk of contamination.

Other articles written by Chinese researchers have described how scientists in Wuhan captured bats from caves without using protective equipment. One researcher who did not wear a protective suit was sprayed with bat urine, which was said to be “dripping like raindrops” from his body.

Another article described how a team led by a well-known bat expert and virologist from Wuhan used a horseshoe bat to create a highly infectious virus that targeted the human upper respiratory tract.

“No wonder so many experts say COVID did leak from Wuhan research center,” wrote journalist and political commentator Jasper Becker for the Daily Mail. (Related: EVIL SCIENCE: Scientists create first human-monkey hybrid in chimera embryo experiment.)

Listen to this special Situation Update breaking news episode of the Health Ranger Report, a podcast by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, as he talks about how the coronavirus vaccine, with its weaponized spike proteins, is a biological weapon made by the Chinese military designed to exterminate humanity.

Animal experimentation supervised by China and its armed forces

China has a financial incentive to maintain the air of secrecy behind its bioengineering research. It wants to gain a significant commercial advantage in what could be a very profitable field.

But Becker believes this is just one reason for China to keep its developing bioengineering industry a secret. The other is because a lot of the work in this field is being supervised by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), China’s armed forces.

The PLA is keeping a close eye on the bioengineering work being done because it wants to monitor two possible breakthroughs in this field. The first is for potential gene-modification advances that it can use to create better soldiers. The second is for the discovery of microorganisms that can be bioengineered to create biological weapons like COVID-19, which people have no defenses against.

“The fact is that China has a reputation for recklessly encouraging, or at least tolerating, all kinds of experiments that are not permitted elsewhere in the world,” said Becker. “And since the lucrative global biotech investment boom started, Chinese researchers seem to be taking even more daring risks with experiments on animals – and even humans – that would be deemed unethical in most Western countries.”

China has strongly denied any suggestion that the coronavirus was engineered in a lab despite mounting evidence to the contrary. It continues to spread the message that the origins of coronavirus was entirely natural. Becker believes the Chine government will never accept responsibility for the pandemic.

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