BREAKING: LA Police Chase Ends When Suspect Crashes Motorcycle Into Car, Flies Through Air

A police chase in Los Angeles ended this afternoon after the suspect, a man fleeing from police for unknown reasons while driving a motorcycle, struck a vehicle at high speed.

A CBS Los Angeles news helicopter captured the scene. Television reporter Amy Johnson was covering the police chase live when the crash occurred.

“Oh my gosh,” she said as the motorcyclist struck a car. The driver flew into the air away from the wreck, then the camera cut away from the scene and to Johnson in the studio.

“We have just seen, sorry, we just saw that motorcyclist crash into a car there at the intersection.” Fighting back emotions, she continued, “Again, this was a police pursuit.”

“LAPD was after that motorcyclist and the motorcyclist was going at a high rate of speed,” said the broadcaster.

CBS Los Angeles reports that the motorcyclist was declared dead at the scene, and two more were injured in the crash.

Police say that the motorcycle was reported stolen and police were “tracking” it. They say they were not actively involved in a pursuit when the crash happened.

This is a breaking news story and may be updated with additional content as it becomes available.

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