Black Republican Roasts Saudi-Owned Twitter After Permanent Ban: ‘They Just Use Blacks Like A Tool’

Jarome Bell, a Republican candidate for U.S. House in Virginia’s 2nd District, has issued a statement torching Twitter’s relationship with the Saudi Arabian crown after the big tech website banned him for allegedly spreading COVID-19 misinformation, despite his campaign not being informed of the substance of the violation.

“A Saudi Arabian prince owns the largest percent share of Twitter. His ownership is valued at more than a BILLION dollars. That Saudi’s name is Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud,” said Bell in a statement released to the media this morning. “Prince Alwaleed owns more of Twitter than Jack Dorsey.”

“And now the Saudis — along with the rest of the totalitarian Silicon Valley liberals at Twitter — are meddling in America’s elections.”

“But you won’t hear about Saudi Arabian election meddling on CNN or in The Washington Post.”

Bell suggested that double standards, sexism, and rampant racism against blacks are all characteristics that Twitter could have learned from its royal investors.


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“Saudi Women must obtain permission to get a passport, travel, or to marry. It is not uncommon for females as young as seven years of age to be trafficked to Saudi Arabia under false pretenses,” said Bell. “The Saudis often source their cheap labor from Africa. Enslaving blacks and Asians seems to be something the Saudis are good at.”

“Make no mistake: Twitter hates blacks too,” he added. “Despite Twitter’s very public corporate love fest for Liberal blacks, Twitter hates those same blacks. How do I know this? They just use blacks like a tool.”

“Twitter, just like Antifa, wants a race war between blacks and whites.”

National File asked Bell’s campaign which tweet the candidate was banned for, and was informed that Twitter did not tell the candidate what specific tweet triggered the big tech platform’s response.

Is Twitter manipulating U.S. elections?

Twitter did not respond in time for publication when asked for information regarding Bell’s post, nor did they explain why they banned the U.S. House candidate – seemingly in contradiction of their own policies – nor why the ban was made permanent instead of temporary.

Bell, who despite his Twitter ban is in a highly competitive primary contest with establishment-backed Republican Jen Kiggans, is also calling for Twitter to be investigated for election interference, something he has promised to personally champion if elected.

“Antifa and Twitter DO NOT CARE about Black Lives,” said Bell. “For that matter, Antifa and Twitter DO NOT CARE about White Lives, either.”

“Antifa and Twitter want a full on communist revolution,” Bell concluded, “I’m calling on Twitter to be fully investigated for election interference for their continued meddling in American elections.”

Bell has secured a series of high profile conservative endorsements including Rep. Paul Gosar and former National Security Advisor Gen. Michael Flynn. He was previously endorsed by Sen. Rand Paul.


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Bell also has a Gab account and a Facebook page.

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