Bill Maher Mocks Trump Voters As He Urges Democrats To Stop Mocking Trump Voters

“Real Time” host and comedian Bill Maher appeared to mock supporters of former President Donald Trump even as he told Democrats to carry no malice towards them.

In Friday’s segment titled “New Rule: With Malice Towards None,” Maher started his show by claiming that Trump supporters were “Jesus freaks” and “poorly educated.” He argued that Christian and high school-educated demographics have started to view the Republican Party as more favorable than Trump himself.

He later told viewers that while Trump voters are increasingly favoring the GOP over the former president, the “temptation will be to humiliate Republican voters who are now finally coming to their senses about Trump,” and say, “‘What were you thinking, you stupid fuck?’”


Maher then warned the audience not to say this, believing it would “drive them right back into Trump’s arms.”

Instead, he argued, Trump supporters should be welcomed back to “the wonderful world of reality,” and assured that they were merely “taken by a salesman. Happens to all of us.” Liberals should “provide a face-saving path for them to become traditional indoor Republicans,” Maher said. (RELATED: Bill Maher Says He Has More Conservative Fans Than Ever Before, Explains It’s Because Liberals Now ‘Have A Crazy Section’)

He then advised the audience to treat Trump voters like Confederates who just lost the Civil War.

While explaining that the Confederates the GOP voters were being compared to had the privilege of going home without being humiliated, Maher cited that “when Lincoln defeated the South, he didn’t dance on their graves.”

Ending the segment, Maher continued to compare Trump supporters to losers, arguing that post-World War II Japan became a powerhouse only by the leniency the United States displayed by staging wrestling matches that sometimes let Japan win.

“If that means having to swallow the impulse to say I told you so and take a couple of fake kicks to the groin, well then I regret that I have but two nuts to give for my country,” Maher concluded.

Devan Bugbee