Biden, Pelosi Claim Officer Slain In Black Nationalist Attack Actually Died On January 6

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Democrat president Joe Biden falsely claimed this week that Capitol Police officer Billy Evans died as a result of election integrity protests on January 6, 2021, when in reality Evans was killed by a left-wing black nationalist in April 2021.

“Jill and I have mourned police officers in this Capitol rotunda not once but twice in the wake of January 6,” Biden pontificated on Thursday. “Once to honor Officer Brian Sicknick, who lost his life the day after the attack. The second time to honor Officer Billy Evans, who lost his life defending the Capitol as well.”

Evans actually died in April, when black Nation of Islam supporter Noah Green drove his car through the north gate on Constitution Avenue, and fatally struck Evans. He then rammed the police car blocking the barricade,and charged another officer with a knife before being shot and killed.

Nancy Pelosi went on to repeat the lie that Evans’ death was connected to Jan. 6.

“Let us acknowledge today, as I conclude, I want to acknowledge our fallen heroes of that day,” Pelosi declared. “U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, U.S. Capitol Police officer Howard Liebengood, Metropolitan officer Jeffrey Smith, U.S. Capitol police officer Billy Evans of a later assault.”

“Dear God not only does she lie about Sicknick, Smith and Liebengood but she shamefully adds the killing of Billy Evans, who was killed in APRIL by a Nation of Islam follower,” American Greatness’ Julie Kelly wrote on Twitter. “These people are depraved.”

“This award is given in recognition of your sacrifice in making your word bond and completing your 2021 Savior’s Day gift in the amount of $1,085.000. May Allah continue to bless you!” a description of the “Certificate Of Completion” Noah Green received for his donation to the Nation of Islam read.

Green posted the photo of his donation certificate to his Facebook page on March 17, roughly two weeks before he reportedly went on a deadly rampage with a vehicle and a bladed weapon that left Capitol Police officer William F. Evans dead, and another officer seriously injured.

Gabriel Keane