Austria Makes It Illegal To Exist Without Vaccine – America Next – Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic

Alexander Tschugguel, founder of the St. Boniface Institute, talks to host Steve Bannon about his new article at Newsweek: “Draconian COVID Measures Are Part of Austria’s Political Nightmare.”

“[We’ve seen] the change of the law which allows the government to introduce imprisonment for contempt… for up to one year. In the Parliament, the government parties were asked, “OK, but now you have to exclude people who got fined because they do not want to get themselves vaccinated from this imprisonment program, and the government said explicitly, ‘no we are not going to exclude them.’ … So not only this very high amount of money… up to 3,600 Euros each time you got sued, and right now they said it’s up to four times a year…. and if you do this a few times, they can even put you in prison up to a year.”

Part 2: Be Ready To Sacrifice A Lot Of Things

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