America First Leader Nick Fuentes Scores Points Against Zionism In Infowars Debate

America First leader Nick Fuentes scored massive points against world Zionism in his Alex Jones Show debate against lawyer Robert Barnes Tuesday. Fuentes’ debate performance illustrates the divide between the young America First movement, which is mainly comprised of white men who are getting replaced in their own country by mass immigration pushed by globalists, and the U.S. political class on both sides of the aisle, which supports Israel unconditionally. It’s clear that this divide is only going to grow in the coming years if institutional Zionists in politics, media and finance refuse to make any meaningful concessions to white Christians during a time of existential crisis. WATCH THE DEBATE:

Fuentes pointed out that Israel gets a massive amount of financial support from the United States. The U.S. funds and fights wars on Israel’s behalf, despite the fact that Israel did not send troops to Iraq or Afghanistan to support the American invasions. The debate also focused on Israel’s Coronavirus tyranny, a disturbing reality in an age in which Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer Alan Dershowitz advocates for the constitutionality of mandatory vaccines in America. Fuentes pointed out Epstein’s close ties to the Mossad through his companion Ghislaine Maxwell, and the fact that disgraced Hollywood oligarch Harvey Weinstein used a Mossad-connected firm to intimidate his sex abuse accusers. Fuentes also pointed out how Zionists including the Anti-Defamation League enforce censorship against Americans with inconvenient ideas. (REPORT: TWO Ghislaine Maxwell Nephews Worked For Obama-Biden).

“I think there’s a lot of resentment and animosity” from Zionists toward American Christians, Fuentes said, citing the example of neocon Zionist pundit Ben Shapiro saying that he does not care about stopping white demographic replacement in America.

“I don’t see Israel as part of Western Civilization,” Fuentes said, noting the non-Christian religious nature of the Jewish ethnic movement. Fuentes pointed out how the Talmud disparages Jesus Christ and his mother Mary.


Patrick Howley