All-American Latino – Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic

It’s obvious to everyone that the true values, issues and opinions of the Latino community are coming to the forefront of American politics. Last Saturday, I participated at the first ever “All-American Latino” Symposium in San Jose, California. This panel of Latino activists, influencers and representatives gave an inside view as to what it means to love country and heritage equally, why Latinos in the United States are proud to call themselves American, and why Latinos are leaving the toxic Democrat party behind.

This distinguished panel was comprised of Anthony Cabassa, United States Veteran and independent journalist who covers the destructive open border policies of the Biden-Zoe administration; Jesse Holguin, ex-gang member, born-again Christian and founder of Lexit (Latino Democratic Exit); Carina Powers, founder of Latinos for Medical Freedom whose daughter was vaccine injured; Jack Guerrero, Mayor of Cudahy and Harvard and Stanford educated Latino with an MBA in finance; myself, Peter Herndandez, San Benito County Supervisor and candidate for CA-18; and moderator Karen Amigon of Freedom Keepers. I encourage you to watch the panel Q & A at

Fake Narrative: Anthony Cabassa uses the information that he has obtained through time and experience chronicling how the Democrat party feeds fake narratives to the Latino people. He presented the truth which pricked my heart because he spoke to what I see as a local legislator. He was connecting the dots of the narrative on the ground to what the actual policies are and how they are immensely contradictory. How do you control people unless you control their money? That is when you realize government spending is private sector money controlled by politicians.

Breaking Our Economy: Jack Guerrero highlighted what Benjamin Franklin said, “When the people find they can vote for themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” Guerrero highlighted, “the way the scheme works is that Congress, through its irresponsible behavior, spends more money than it brings in to the tune of 6 trillion dollars over the last two years. This is money that congress does not have.” He makes clear the treasury bonds sold to public investors are now being gobbled up by the Federal Reserve. The only way possible to do that is by printing money. That is called debt on your children and your children’s children. It is a temporary fix which floods the market with dollars beyond the natural growth of the economy. This looming disaster is government fueled inflation leading to an eventual recession.

Democrats Tease Citizenship: DACA was also hot on the minds of the panelists as that is the reality many Latinos live. We know that our community is conservative yet divided because there has never been a proposed permanent solution by the last two majority Democrat administrations. Democrats currently have the house, senate, and presidency. Where chaos exists, the people demand order, and the Progressive Democrat will promote chaos like a drug dealer with an expectation of control in return. Anthony Cabassa said, “Modern day illegal Latinos are modern day slaves,” and while Anthony leaves the leftist shocked, he highlights that when you advocate for open borders you promote modern day slavery. DACA didn’t work! It was just an election season band-aid that is showing the need for policymakers to fix immigration NOW.

Border Crisis: Cabassa called it a humanitarian crisis and articulates the abuse of the illegal immigrant, the abhorrence of children being tossed by human traffickers over the border fence, the rape trees, the potential exploitation by living in the shadows, and distortion of the price equilibrium by a shadow economy. He makes clear that he doesn’t blame the immigrant, he blames the government. Carina Powers spoke passionately about the Big Red Bow that the democrats packaged to DACA individuals and the lies they sold you on in the campaign trail. It’s wrong and the Latino community needs to get educated on how politics work and how to make that change.

Faith: Jesse Holguin shared his amazing story of redemption and how God showed up. He was shot while breaking into a home, living the gang life, not knowing he would live… he gave his life to God. The theme of trusting when things looked dark, and the new Latino conservative movement has shown how living in a rough life as a minority is now becoming the catalyst for serious change. The Latino faith is who we are, as Jesse said, “We represent!”. Living in California, Cabassa said, “we are the 300 Spartans, who are hungry to share the truth without reservation.” As Latinos, we are used to living in an unsafe environment and are less about safety and more about living with confidence in our calling. When we meet the Lord, we will ask, “God, please let us in for time served because living in California was hell!” To God be the Glory!

Peter Hernandez is a first generation Mexican-American, born and raised in San Benito County, California, by parents who worked the fields, and he grew up in the agricultural community. His parents instilled in him a strong work ethic, a love for God, and a deep respect for the American Dream and American Exceptionalism. As a small business owner today, Peter understands firsthand how inflation, over-regulation and burdensome taxes are killing the middle class economy. As a Latino man, Peter is dedicated to encouraging Hispanic families in the civic and electoral process, and looks forward to serving as their voice and representative in US Congress. Peter currently holds office as a County Supervisor for San Benito County. During the oppressive California pandemic shutdowns, Peter stood against the overreaches of the Administrative State, and fought to keep businesses open, believing the local communities should decide for themselves how to best care for and protect their constituents. Peter is an America First candidate who stands against the harmful progressive policies of the Biden administration and the current Democrat Congress. He will fight to: RENEW the rule of law; RESTORE strong families and parental rights; REVIVE the middle class and small businesses.