20 Minutes of Lying Vultures Telling the American Public the Hunter Biden Laptop Is Russian Disinformation — NEVER Trust the Fake Mainstream News!

Hunter Biden tells a hooker that Russians stole his laptop for blackmail.

The fake news mainstream media lied again.

They needed to flip an election to the Biden crime family so they lied to the American public about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

But now that the election is over and stolen, they can come clean on their lies. The New York Times this week finally admitted the Hunter Biden laptop was authentic — something The Gateway Pundit has said since the beginning.

Here is 20 minutes of the US fake news mainstream media lying about the Hunter Biden laptop and ignoring the Biden family crimes.

TRENDING: Psaki Spars with New York Post Reporter Asking About Hunter’s Laptop From Hell and Biden Crime Family’s Deals with Russian Oligarchs (VIDEO)

Via The Storm Has Arrived.

Jim Hoft